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Austrian Gold 100 CoronasAustrian Gold 100 Coronas

Austrian Gold 100 Coronas. Mostly Restrikes. 1908-1915. Long before South African Krugerrands of American Eagles were ever thought of, Austria used to produce a large gold coin, the One Hundred Coronas. These were issued as coins between 1908 and 1914, bearing their date of issue.

In typical Austrian tradition, after the death of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary in 1916, official restrikes were issued all bearing the date 1915, and are still being made as we write. The corona denomination started with the monetary reform of 1892, until Austria became a republic in 1918. The obverse features the bare head, facing right, of Franz Joseph, the reverse the arms of Austria superimposed upon a crowned double-headed Imperial eagle. The coin has .9803 ounces of .900 fine gold.

















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