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An annual subscription to our Newsletter is $450.00. We issue at least four newsletters each year on specific subjects that are of interest to the Professional Coin Dealer, Advanced Coin Collector, or Professional Coin Investor.

In addition to the Newsletters, Neil S Berman has contractual arrangements with three full-time Professional Coin Buyers, one of whom is at every coin show and coin auction of any relevance. Whether we are there ourselves as usual or not, they keep us and our subscriber clients up to date on a daily basis as to what is happening in the coin market anyplace throughout the US. This also allows us up to four separate opinions of what is happening in the coin market daily nationwide and its relevance to each of our subscriber’s coin positions. While we do not make the claim to personally know everything there is to know about all the coin markets at all times, we do know where to get any information you require at any time.

Subscribers will get an in depth analysis of their current position in coins. Included is advice on which coins they should keep, sell or upgrade, keeping within their own personal collecting or investing guidelines.

Subscribers can make phone appointments with Neil S Berman to speak to him about issues that interest them during regular business hours. Arrangements can be made in advance 24/7 if clients plan to be at a coin auction or in a coin deal at anytime world wide and require advice or up to the minute market indications or prices.

All of the above services are included in the subscription cost, and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely pleased, a full refund may be obtained anytime within the first sixty days. Or if you prefer, with no obligation, you may obtain a free sample of our newsletter just for the asking.

 All travel expenses and time, written appraisals of any kind, and legal, accounting and tax advice specific to coins available from our lawyers and accountants who are experts in this field, while available, are not included and will incur additional costs to our subscribers.




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