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We Buy Coins - FAST LOCAL SERVICE within Westchester & Fairfield Counties.
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Neil S Berman is an Expert Numismatist and Rare Coin Dealer since 1968. And since 1993, we are Westchester’s largest professional coin and currency dealer, and your best source for buying or selling coins, currency or precious metals in the Westchester area.  Competitive coin buyers for forty four years, we always pay extra for coins with better dates we want or coins in better collectable conditions. We offer free oral appraisals, written appraisals, and cash on the spot when the law allows.

We buy more than coins and currency. For a complete list of what we buy Click Here.

Neil S Berman
Expert Numismatist & Rare Coin Dealer

Coin Consulting and other Services

Coin Brokerage Services
I have been an Expert Numismatist, Professional Numismatist, or if you prefer, a Rare Coin Dealer for almost forty years. In some years I have maintained in my inventory thousands of coins worth in aggregate multiple millions of dollars, and some year’s very little inventory at all. As my clientele has become more sophisticated over time, I have found that maintaining a large inventory is actually counterproductive to me and in conflict of the interests of my clients.

With only respect intended to my colleges who prefer to stock boxes of coins worth tens of millions of dollars, we have found that no matter what coins we or they happen to have in inventory at any particular moment, except by chance, these coins rarely match the collecting needs or investment objectives of our clients. It is therefore more cost objective for us to purchase or broker the coins that our clients want to acquire on a one by one basis as they are wanted or needed. By not having a large stock, we can bypass the interest on the capital money tied up in additional inventory, the additional cost of the insurance on that inventory, and all the associated costs of security on that inventory, the expenses of which are not passed on to our clients.

While of course we always have some inventory, it always only consists of coins that we have purchased at a particularly favorable price, coins that we feel are grossly under valued, or coins on memo to us by customers who no longer want to own them for any one of a variety of reasons. We do not stock coins that we would not own personally for the long haul, regardless of cost.

Buying Rare Coins
If you would like to acquire coins as a Hobby or an Investment, we represent Coin Collectors and Coin Investors who want to purchase rare coins.  

Selling Rare Coins
If you have acquired coins that you would like to sell, or if you would like to upgrade coins in your collection, we represent Sellers and Fiduciary Agents who have coins to sell. 

Private Treaty
If you would like to acquire coins, and you already know the seller, we will represent you on a Private Treaty Acquisition.

Auction Representation
We are Full Service Professional Coin Dealers. If you already know what coins you want and need Professional Representation, contact us.

Do you require specialized Research about coins that you wish to sell or acquire, or a formal Appraisal for Estate or Tax reasons? 

Do you have unanswered questions about what services we provide or what we can do for you?


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