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Neil S Berman issues at least four Newsletters each year on specific numismatic subjects that are of interest to the Professional Coin Dealer, Advanced Coin Collector or Professional Coin Investor. Often subjects are written about as the opportunities present themselves within the coin market. Additionally, some Newsletters are created at a later date from in-depth reports that are commissioned by Coin Dealers, Collectors or Investors who want very specific and up to date information on numismatic subjects that they have a personal or financial interest in.

Our Newsletters showcase information about rare coins available in the current coin market that we feel may be undervalued when compared with there rarity, making them, we believe, potential or excellent investment material. Our Newsletters provide numismatic advice and information. We do not promote specific coins that we all ready own in order that we may sell them to you.

All of these Newsletters can be purchased in PDF form and downloaded, or in printed report form delivered to you by mail. > Learn More

Neil S Berman writes Reports and brief studies about various aspects of the rare coin business or rare coins themselves for a variety of reasons. Some Reports have been written for numismatic publications, for example, like the Coin Dealer Newsletter. Other Reports are written for other coin dealers as in-house newsletters. All are about subjects of interest to the Coin Collector, but are not in-depth enough to qualify themselves as Newsletters. All of these Reports are offered free with your name and email address. > Learn More

These are current News Articles of interest to coin collectors that are written for numismatic publications, or newspapers, but not by Neil S Berman, and are reprinted with the author’s permission. All of these News Articles are offered free with no obligations. > Learn More








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